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About Us

Get in touch with Merle FM!

Request Line – (865) 896-9670
Business Line – (865) 457-1380
Fax – (865) 457-4440

Ron Meredith, Owner – ron@merlefm.com
Advertising – phil@merlefm.com or advertise@merlefm.com

119 Pine Road
P.O. Box 329
Clinton, TN 37717

NOTE: If you are using a GPS, be sure put in the intersection of Spring Street and Pine Road in Clinton, TN 37716


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  1. Hey, I’m trying to figure out the name and artist for a song y’all play occasionally. The lyrics go something like “steel guitar whining, neon lights softly shinning in a corner booth” and it’s about something like a bar in heaven. Google isn’t helping at all on this one. Thanks for the great music!

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