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  1. Hey, I’m trying to figure out the name and artist for a song y’all play occasionally. The lyrics go something like “steel guitar whining, neon lights softly shinning in a corner booth” and it’s about something like a bar in heaven. Google isn’t helping at all on this one. Thanks for the great music!

  2. Not really digging the new format. Not a fan of the change in music being played. Really don’t like Big D and Bubba being gone.

  3. I agree with Regina. Trying to give it a chance but heard the same thing this morning as I did yesterday and it wasn’t funny the first time. I know that may have been a technical issue…….

  4. Love that y’all play more outlaw stuff. Needs more Cody Jinks though! I’m sick of every “country” station playing the same six songs and they are all garbage. Time to make country music great again!!

  5. Leigh Richardson

    Who did the song 500 miles away from home, that played today around 5:30 pm?

  6. Cliff an Wanda deel

    Lov lov lov monroeville great music great guys. Would love to hear more of there music

  7. Hello, My name is Jama Loveday. I am a Case Manager with Heartland Services in Maryville. We provide services to adults with physical and mental disabilities. We provide day service that teaches job skills, communication skills, and social skills. We are a Non-Profit organization, which means are individuals are limited to what they can do. I am hoping that Jack Ryan or one of your DJ’s can come out one morning and speak to our individuals about what is involved in radio broadcasting. I am in the office Monday through Friday from 9am to 5 pm. I look forward to speaking to you.

    Thank you
    Jama Loveday, ACM

  8. proper way to get Alexa to OPEN Merle up —

  9. Did Don Williams record the song, “Hello Country Bumpkin”? if so, what is the name of the album it is on? I thought he did, but I haven’t been able to find it.

  10. I have removed you from my radio. Your jokes about San Francisco are cheap shots and not appropriate. I will find another station to listen to.

  11. I have 4 tickets to the Zac Brown Band concert on March 5 at the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville. The ticket location is SECTION FLOOR RIGHT, ROW 8, SEATS 5,6,7,8. GREAT SEATS! The tickets cost me $460.00 and I will sell them for that price or $115 per ticket and can email the tickets to you or meet at the concert.
    Contact info: email: tarice14@yahoo.com cell phone 608-516-8907

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